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Needle Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy is one of the most effective and most popular aesthetic treatments. Effectively nourishes the skin restoring its fresh, youthful appearance. This treatment, which prolongs youth and reduces the signs of the passage of time.
Mesotherapy is a method used for many years in cosmetology and aesthetic dermatology. Its mission is to be pressed into the skin of various active substances targeted to the needs of each skin. Depending on the condition and needs of the skin, the treatment will improve its hydration, make up deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, assisted microcirculation, increased tension and elasticity of the skin, reducing the signs of aging skin.

prevention of anti-aging (extension of youth) - prevent permanent damage to the skin;
signs of skin aging face (including eye area), neck and décolleté. - Stimulate skin cell metabolism, increase collagen and elastin synthesis, reduction of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and firmness;

skin gray, tired, dehydrated, sun-damaged - to improve skin hydration and revitalization;
flaccidity of the skin back of the hands and other parts of the body - to improve skin elasticity and tension;
Stretch Marks - This is one of the most effective methods of elimination of stretch marks, including those in the stage of atrophic (white striae) - placing the substance recovering from damage to the skin directly in the defect;
Cellulite - improvement of microcirculation and accelerate the process of lipolysis (fat burning);
acne scars and trauma - reconstruction of collagen fibers;
strengthening the weakened hair follicles and inhibiting excessive hair loss;

Mesotherapy needle is recommended in a series of 4-6 treatments every 10-14 days
The cost of one surgery 40 pounds

Microneedle Mesotherapy


Microneedle Mesotherapy in other words derma roller. Derma Roller is a professional device for micro needle mesotherapy, which is one of the alternatives to laser treatments and plastic surgery. This is an innovative way to regenerate and rebuild the skin. Roller DNS Derma roller is coated with a thin, titanium micro-needles with a length of from 0.5 mm to 2 mm which is within 5 minutes.

The ideal treatment recommended in the fight against:
1. the loss of tension and elasticity
2. wrinkles
3. drooping eyelids, corners of his mouth
4. photoaging of the skin

5. weakened muscles
6. mimic wrinkles
7. age spots and discoloration
8. dilated
9. acne scars
10. dry, rough skin
11. dilated pores, skin contaminated
12. very sensitive skin

Derma roller is recommended in a series of 4-6 treatments every 10-14 days.
The cost of treatment 40 pounds


piercing pier

Consists in performing pierced in specific areas of the body (eg, nose, tongue, private parts) and implementation of such places of earrings made ​​of titanium, bioplast, Teflon (PTFE) and stainless steel. Earring after healing can be converted to any other, more suitable. Due to the radical nature of such decorating body piercing is classified as one of the so-called practice, body modification.

Body piercing usually takes about two minutes (with a self piercing the skin - a few seconds). For the type of application used for supporting special pliers skin folds (usually pre-sterilized by autoclaving), venous catheters and needle injection needle or special. When the piercer determines that the client exactly the place to be pierced, grabs them with pliers, then beats them in which a needle (or in the plastic rim for wenflon) and after the pierced earring is inserted directly. Sometimes, instead of a needle and tweezers is a special gun piercings, but this method can be applied only to pierce the soft part of the ear (ear flakes), as elsewhere in the body can cause serious damage and carries a high risk of complications.

The so-called. guns are not designed for any other part of the body other than the ear lobe, because instead of pierce tissue as does the needle - devoured it, making it difficult to heal, and if a place other than an earlobe - reduces the ability to accurately measure, use earrings appropriate size and penetration of the skin angle. Moreover, this method makes it impossible to maintain sterility, because it can be sterilized in an autoclave gun. Some bids (including the so-called. Tunnels) used a scalpel.
Ear piercing for children 20 pounds
Piercing every part of the body 35 pounds

Eyelash extensions method 1:1


Eyelash extensions method 1:1
Attaching false eyelashes using the "one to one" method is currently the most modern way of lengthening, thickening and simultaneously turning up the natural lashes. The effect is very natural, because the false lashes are very light and not much different from those naturally growing on the eyelid. Eyelash extension procedure is intended for people of all ages who want to look beautiful for 24 hours a day. It is ideal for women whose natural eyelashes are short, thin or not overclocked, contact lens wearers, as well as for women who value their time. An important advantage of artificial eyelashes is in fact no need for their cover-up, and thus saves time during the morning and evening make-up make-up remover.

Of great importance also plays a restriction of daily rubbing the delicate eye area, which apparently affects the smoothing of wrinkles. While wearing false eyelashes you can forget about quickly dropping out "clumps" or breaks the natural lashes zalotce. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears, you are free to swim and sunbathe, making it ideal for every day, as well as for special occasions.
Price of treatment £ 25
Supplementing eyelashes £ 15

Filling  tissue with hyaluronic acid



Filling tissue with hyaluronic acid.
Young skin is rich in hyaluronic acid. With age, the presence and action of hyaluronic acid in the skin is degraded, resulting in visible changes such as wrinkles, furrows, folds and contours of the face distortion. In order to stop and reverse this trend for several years is injected into the skin called. fillers (fillers).
Currently, the most common substance used to fill wrinkles and furrows is hyaluronic acid.

1.Having forehead wrinkles
2.Wrinkle glabellar
3.eyebrows line
4.Peri wrinkles
5.Tear line
7.Cheeks modeling
8.nasal labial-
9.Smoker wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid provides a comprehensive solution for the correction of fine and deep wrinkles, furrows and folds, as well as to improve the contours of the face, zoom and lip augmentation.

The hyaluronic acid gel is purely crystalline polysaccharide naturally occurring in the body, subjected to a stabilization process. If the use of hyaluronic acid in the usual manner and injected into the body, it will degrade within a few days.

Wrinkle reduction is accomplished by injection at an appropriate depth of the skin and the gel particles are different (there are several types) is matched to the structure of the layers of skin tissue. This improves the volume and firmness by appropriate lifting flabby tissues. This action removes the visible signs of aging.
Hyaluronic Acid works long-term, but not permanently.
The human body has its own system of enzymatic degradation of hyaluronic acid. The effect of the treatment lasts typically from 6 to 18 months, after which the hyaluronic acid is naturally absorbed (biodegradation).

Filling lines and wrinkles
Depending on the depth of the furrow or wrinkle variations administered hyaluronic acid to an appropriate depth.
The treatments do not require special preparation of the patient. Because hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin with a thin needle to increase the comfort of the patient's skin prior to surgery should be numb. At shallower treatments we apply anesthetic cream for about half an hour. With deeper eg filling nasolabial furrows we anesthesia - like at the dentist.
The treatment lasts for 30 min, and the effect is immediate. Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be slightly red and swollen. These symptoms disappear within a few hours or a few days, so the patient for two days to return to their classes.

Permanent makeup


Permanent makeup is a kind of tattoo. However, differs from classic tattoo, dyes are completely natural (vegetable) and put exclusively to 3-4 layers of the epidermis. In the case of a tattoo, the dye is introduced into the dermis.
Permanent make-up should be done in a professional beauty salon by linerer having to adequate powers, and using a reputable equipment and disposable tips. Only the behavior of these principles ensures the proper conduct of the surgery permanent pigmentation of the skin.
Before we proceed to the performance linerer permanent makeup, you first must determine the client together with the color of the eyebrows, lines around the eyes or contours and fill paragraph. The next step is plotting the initial shape of the future make-up.

Most linerer performs several proposals contours eyebrows or mouth as well as several different lines on the eyelids. Among proposed by beautician designs drawn by a simple pencil eye liner pencil or mouth, the client selects the appropriate model for each other.
Permanent makeup eyebrows 129 pounds



Ultradźwięki to fale dźwiękowe, których słuch ludzki nie rejestruje i nie odczuwa. Faleultradźwiękowe wnikają daleko w głąb skóry stymulując jednocześnie pracę komórek, przez co wpływają korzystnie na krążenie krwi w ciele. Wnikanie ultradźwięków w skórę powoduje masaż jej wewnętrznych warstw i rozbudza naturalną aktywność kolagenu, poprzez aktywizowanie włókien zapewniających skórze elastyczność.

Wykorzystywanie ultradźwięków daje bardzowidoczne rezultaty, dlatego też ultradźwięki w kosmetyce stały się bardzo popularne i zabieg ultradźwiękami to jeden z podstawowych zabiegów dobrych salonów kosmetycznych i SPA.Ultradżwięki stosowane prawie przy każdym zabiegu kosmetycznym w salonie.

Currents d'Arsonval

DSC_1553 (1)

Currents d'Arsonval
Darsonvalization treatment has activity against acne, hair loss and prevents premature sagging skin. D'Arsonval currents are used also in the treatment of nerve pain, sensory disorders of skin, itching and frostbite. Darsonvalization no superficial action of disinfectants and bactericides (thanks to ozone formation), causing local congestion, stimulate metabolism, also affects the nerve endings.

Firms and smoothes
Reduces wrinkles (lifting effect)
Improves blood circulation
Pulls pores
strongly bactericidal
It inhibits the secretion of sebum
It stimulates the regeneration and renewal of the skin
Indispensable for changes acne
It stimulates the shedding of dead skin
Restores healthy radiant appearance
Current treatments used during skin cleansing and anti-acne therapy lifting treatments

Cavitation peeling


Cavitation peeling - a cosmetic procedure aimed at cleansing the skin, using the phenomenon of cavitation.

Ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency cause an increase in cell metabolism are broken all calcified blood circulation is accelerated, there is an increase in the removal of waste products, different enzymes are activated in cells.

What are the advantages and effects of the treatment?

- The treatment is painless
- Removes dead skin cells and excess sebum
- Smoothes (improves the structure of scars)
- Regenerates the skin



Microdermabrasion - Care cosmetic procedure, which is to wear several layers of the epidermis. Mikropeeling controlled is one of many methods of mechanical exfoliation. Involves removal - abrasion of the stratum corneum using a special device.
Controlled Microdermabrasion is a modern technique that using a mild, improves the functioning of mechanical peeling of the skin and helps to deal with specific skin problems. Used since the mid-80s at the beginning of the twentieth century was reserved primarily for dermatologists and is now increasingly being used in cosmetic institutes.

Diamond microdermabrasion is to wear layers of the epidermis with the heads of diamond dust-free method for the sensitive skin sensitive, allergic.

Indications for surgery
- Acne,
- Freckles and blemishes,
- Stretch marks,
- Scars,
- Wrinkles,
- Flaccid skin,
- Changes scars

Microdermabrasion performed in a series of 5 treatments every 7 days or as a single treatment.
The cost of one treatment is 25 pounds.



Galwanizacja  - zabieg wykonywany w gabinetach kosmetycznych. Wykorzystuje się elektrody, które stykają się z wilgotną skórą, w wyniku czego następuje przekrwienie, podrażnienie układu nerwowego oraz zaktywizowanie mięśni do pracy, zatem stają się one bardziej napięte i poprawiają wygląd twarzy.

W salonach odnowy biologicznej galwanizacja stosowana jest w celu redukowania zmarszczek i tkanki podskórnej. 

Dzięki zastosowaniu prądu, który przenika do głębszych warstw skóry, pobudzana jest produkcja kolagenu. Skóra staje się bardziej jędrna, elastyczna, dobrze ukrwiona. Galwanizacja to dobra metoda walki z rozstępami czy skórką pomarańczową na udach, pośladkach i brzuchu.

Prądy te wykorzystywane są przy zabiegach liftingujących, odżywczych i przeciwzmarszczkowych.



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